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Please join us Monday March 5th at 12 noon MST on Facebook Live with Dr. Irene Estay. She will answer your most pressing questions and share some exciting news about Foundation Of Me.

Facebook Live Monthly

Please join Dr. Irene Estay alongside Deborah Nichol on our Facebook live monthly program. Dr. Irene and Deborah will be collaborating and inspiring you to live your life just how you want it!

We live in a hectic world, it's nice to have a place to go for help to navigate life with some helpful insight and practical tools.

Join Us - First Monday of the Month

We would love for you to join us each month at noon for 30 minutes on Facebook Live. We are super excited to share with you. Here's what we have planned for each month:

Dr Estay will answer your most pressing questions about leadership, self-responsibility and self-esteem and also share some exciting news about Foundation Of Me.

1. March 5 at 12 noon with Dr. Irene Estay - Self Esteem

To be successful and have a future means When you plan a future you value yourself and self esteem is the value piece. How do you learn to value yourself? When you value yourself you take the time to think about what you want in in next month or 6 months but if you have no value to anybody not even to you, you don't think about that. Self-Esteem ahead!

2. April 2 at 12 noon with Deborah Nichol - Self-Worth

In this segment we will be talking about self-worth and how if affects your life decisions. When we can increase our feelings of worth it changes our perspective not only of how we treat ourselves but also how others treat us. Find out how to increase your self-worth.

3. May 7 at 12 noon with Dr Irene Estay - Visualising your Future

Seeing yourself in your mind's eye, and asking where you want to move. Where would I like to see myself in the next five years? When you can do that, you can work backwards to figure out where you have to start to get where you want to go. Bring your Self-Esteem and Self-Worth to this workshop and start planning your future today!

4. June 4 at 12 noon with Deborah Nichol- Alignment

This is all about feeling good, when we feel good we have found our vibrational alignment with who we are. Find out some ways to align yourself, to feel good with who you are and what you are all about. There is only one 'You' in the world let yourself shine.

5. July 2 at 12 noon with Dr. Irene Estay- Building a Child's Foundation

What builds a child's foundation? How childhood beliefs create wiring in the brain. Understanding how a child brain develops so parents can understand the impact they have on them. Science made simple for Parents, you don't want to miss out on this one!

6. August 6 at 12 noon with Deborah Nichol - The Value of your Words for Kids

Words have such a impact but sometimes we don't realise how much. Being able to talk to our kids using language that is supportive and meaningful helps them feel confident and understood. Find out some techniques to help the communication in your home be positive and uplifting. You will feel like parent of the Year!

Watch Them Now, Watch Them Later

Not to worry if you cannot join us live , you can watch them later on youtube. The link will be provided in the facebook channel.

You are the only one that can live your life, you are the only one that can change it if it’s not creating a great experience for you.

-Dr. Irene Estay

Isn't it about time to do something for yourself?

Now is your time to look and choose what you like or don’t like about your life and begin the process of changing it to enjoyment and fulfillment.

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Dr. Irene Estay, Ph.D Psychology

Founder of the Foundation of Me™ Workshops

  Posted: Sat Mar 3rd 2018 1:04am  3 years ago


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