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What is C.A.R.E Society

Creating Awareness Resources & Empowerment Society

The programs offered by C.A.R.E Society were initially established by Dr. Irene Estay in 1995 and have evolved over the years to a comprehensive program that educates the public by providing courses, seminars and workshops on self-esteem, empowerment and other related topics.

C.A.R.E. Society programs are geared towards specific audiences including: Women, Men, Adults 65+, Youth, and Expecting Parents or Parents of Infants. In addition, training is available for qualified professionals looking to expand their knowledge of empowerment and self-esteem work and to obtain credits through their respective professional associations.

Like many non-profits, staff is kept to a minimum to ensure administrative costs are maintained, and two program coordinators and one manager/facilitator run the entire program. Funds are limited because all the programs are offered at no-cost or low-cost to participants making fundraising an important part of maintaining and growing the organization.


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