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Over the now fourteen years of presenting the seminars, I have observed some amazing transformations in the lives of participants. These transformations began with their adopting new ways of thinking.

Sharmila was a young Muslim woman that came to our seminar dressed in her traditional attire, with her head covered by a hijab. The first time she came to the seminar she sat at the back of a room filled with about 50 participants. I noticed her because she cried through the full day of the seminar. While I didn't have time to approach her that day, I could see she was quite distressed. Afterwards, while I wondered what was wrong in her life, I didn't find out until she showed up again at our seminar, about a year later. Read Sharmila's Story

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Changing your mind about events in your life will not only open opportunities to create positive feelings but will change the way you process the information that has created so many disappointments and anxiety for you.

After having divorced her husband of fifteen years, for the past two years she had been so depressed, anxious and very stressed that she had been unable to function in many areas of her life.

She had two daughters and shared custody of them with her ex-husband. As a result, she saw him on a regular basis at her girls’ functions at school and at their sports events. Before attending one of her daughters' soccer games or school meetings, knowing she would encounter her ex, she would suffer stomach aches, vomiting, neck stiffness and all kind of other negative physical symptoms. She expected arguments with him, and that the encounter would distress her. After two years of this then ongoing mental anguish, she was exhausted and ready for a change.

Read Sofia's Story


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