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Here I Am - Lessons Learned

To validate our present circumstances, we often use childhood memories as "templates" to live our lives. Many times, those templates bring us bad memories, but we continue believing that it is all there is.

Research in brain development has shown us that we can rewire those memories and make sense of what happened to us from the adult perspectiva versus that of a child.

By making this mindshift, we can then begin to create our own fulfilling journey.

Lessons Learned contains powerful messages from the author and also from participants of empowerment seminars who have learned to rewire their brains and began to look at their lives from different lenses, once they have understood the power of their memories and how those memories are no longer supporting them.

Lessons Learned provides you with twenty-two awareness exercises that can help you nd the rewarding balance we are all seeking in life. The lessons can assist you in freeing yourself from your own emotional traps and moving you toward a more fulfilling and rewarding life journey."

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