Notes For Volunteer Writers

Thank you for writing for Foundation of Me, we are honoured to have you as part of our growing team.

Here are some tips and guidelines to help us all have a great experience working together.

To get started

  • We're going to need your email address so that we can set up an account for you on the client's blogging platform. Please send to

Guides & Timelines for Writers and Content Editors:

  • Log into the website by adding /login the customer's url for example:
  • Click on the Rubik's cube at the top right hand corner
  • Click on Content Editor
  • Click on Blog
  • Step 1: Write and format blog on the website
  • Step 2: Click Idea or Update (if the idea was already there)
  • Step 3: Find Image
  • Step 4: Choose Date
  • Step 5: Click Mark Written
  • Step 6: Proofread
  • The editor will proofread it again and Mark Active


  • Please let us know where you're getting your pictures for the blogs, we have some recommendations below. We need to keep this information on file. (We once had a client who was sued by Getty Images for using trademarked pictures and we had to produce the receipt for the images, so we're really cautious about which sites we take pictures from, we need to make sure they're reputable and that we can go back and show where we got the pictures.)
  • Please spell-check your work for Canadian English
  • Please proofread your work
  • We're using a specialized blogging system - words that have 2 capitals in them (ie/ WestJet, YouTube) need to be formatted with 2 spaces on either side (otherwise they will create a link to another page)
  • Please be consistent with your writing. For example, if you're writing "grass-fed" it should always have a hyphen
  • Writers/Editors will be paid on the last day (30th or 31st) of each month.


  • there's a little issue with percentages, the "system" thinks they're code, so we have to do a backslash whenever we write them, to make sure they show up properly.
 eg. The 100 \ % instead of 100% 


  • Writers should have all articles for the month marked "written" by the 15th of the previous month. For example March articles will be written by February 15th
  • Please have "idea phase" titles filled in by the 15th of the month for the following month also. For example, April articles titles will be in the "idea" phase by February 15th.

Blogs for Spartan One Writers

Here is a video for how we manage Blogs on SpartanOne

Wiki Pages for Spartan One Writers

Here's a video for our strategy for adding Wiki Pages


  • Editor(s) should have articles proofread by the 30th of the previous month to post date and note that it has been proofed on on the “proofread” channel.
  • Content editors will have access to blog section of all websites they are hired to work on. Proofing is to be done within these sites.
  • Please proofread directly on the website, if there are any changes to be made, please make them directly in the blog post
  • Writers as supposed to proof their work, if there is more than 1 typo, or there are major grammar mistakes, please report back to us on Slack, so that we can address this with the writer. Or if there are tips you'd like to share with the writer, please share these on Slack so everyone can learn.
  • Editors please check all articles on Copyscape


  • We will set up your account on each client's website, your username will be the email that you have given us.
  • To create a password for yourself please follow these password recovery instructions
  • The following video shows you how to access the blogs and format them for the Spartan One system - Formatting Blogs

Creating Good Titles

  • Article title generator is a great little resource to come up with titles for your articles using key words:

Finding Pictures

  • Please find an appropriate picture for your blog on Pexels - choose the 640X360 size
  • Or find photos on Unsplash
  • Photos on Stock Up
  • We also have an account with
  • The following video shows you how to add a picture to the blog.
  • We're an SEO Company* At the core we're an SEO Company so please make yourself familiar with writing for SEO best practices, here's a great resource:
  • Moz Keyword Targeting


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