Nurture Yourself Programs

What We Do

Nurture Yourself program provides an opportunity for empowerment through interactive exercises in a group setting. Participants will develop awareness of their inner potential. The skills learned will help them feel more independent and self-directed with greater influence in their families and communities.

Upon seminar completion, participants can join support groups to continue their personal journeys in a nurturing and supportive environment.

We also provide training to professionals that would like to expand their knowledge in how to work in empowerment and self-esteem.

Our Workshops and Seminars


Women Step One: Opening Minds and Nurturing Dreams* A full day workshop that provides foundations for re-aligning the belief patterns you need to achieve the success you want in life. Offered in English, Spanish and Chinese.

Women Step Two: Putting Dreams into Action A full day workshop that builds on Level 1 foundations and gives tools to effectively use your inherent strengths. Offered in English and Spanish.

*WomenStepThree: Nurturing Groups *

After completing level 1 and 2, participants can join or be trained to facilitate self-directed monthly support groups. This creates the opportunity to continue on their journey of self discovery. Offered in English and Spanish.

Programs For Parents

For Pregnant Parents and Parents of Infants: "Bundled and Ready!" Two half days seminars designed to help participants learn tools to empower themselves and their child, including an understanding of infant brain development. Offered in English.

ProgramsForMen: "Keeping the Balance" A full day or two half day seminar(s) designed to provide participants with the tools to having a balance with regard to behaviours, feelings and thoughts and how males can take care of their wellbeing. Offered in English and Spanish.

ProgramsForYouth:"Bloom!" A half day seminar designed to help girls, aged between 11 and 16 years old, build confidence, express their feelings and build a strong sense of self. Offered in English, Spanish and French.

ProgramsForAdults65Plus: "Honouring You"

A full or two half day seminar(s) designed to help older adults achieve a stronger sense of self by exploring personal growth, making healthy life choices, enhancing relationships with others and celebrating their own positive qualities. Offered in English.

Training For Professionals

*Certificate Program for Facilitators in the Area of Self Esteem *

The Empowerment Seminar Facilitating skills training course is offered to qualified professionals, particularly counsellors, psychologists and social workers who are working with individuals seeking help in the areas of self-esteem & empowerment. This training qualifies for 18 Category 'A' credit hours through Social Work Continuing Education.


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