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Programs For Youth:


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]A half day seminar designed to help girls, between 11 and 16 years old, build confidence, express their feelings and build a strong sense of self. After attending level 1 girls are invited to participate in level 2. //Offered in English//

*Facilitators: Karen Lysak, Nikki Dueck and Patricia Canales Investment: * $15 and includes all materials

Level one

This is a fun and empowering half day workshop. Girls have the opportunity to discuss sensitive subjects in a safe and caring environment. Here, the participants will work on the articulation of their feelings and express their dreams, build confidence by creating goals, and celebrating past success and potential future success.

Level two

This presentation has been developed for girls that have attended Bloom level one and are interested in continuing on in their learning. This is a fun and empowering workshop. Here, the participants will build confidence by creating goals, and celebrating past success. They will also look at new ways to express feelings, through music and art.

*Please check back with us for 2016 dates *

For more information or to register please contact or call 403-537-3381.

//Thank you to our sponsors for making it possible for CARES to offer our Youth programs. //


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