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Events of Level 3- Support groups

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]After completing level 1 and 2, participants can join or be trained to facilitate self-directed monthly support groups. This creates the opportunity to continue on their journey of self discovery. //Offered in English and Spanish//.

Summer Social:

Since 2009, Nurture Yourself program celebrates every year the continued personal and professional growth with all support groups. This social event is arranged in summer at Edworthy Park. Generally, we bring different kind of entertainment such as Zumba instructors, hair stylist, make up specialist, Nail artist, and so on.


Thanks the initiative of some level 3 members was created the first conference two years ago. For these conferences are invited community leaders to provide tools and new resources in different areas of life for growing and awareness of women. At this moment, members of support groups and the Nurture Yourself team have organized two interesting conferences:

*2010- * Duties and Rights of women in the modern society Speaker: Diana Picek- Career Development Practitioner for the Centre for Newcomers in Calgary.

*2011- * Start your own business, money matters for women. Speakers: Gail Anderson -Support Services Facilitator for Momentum Esperanza Miura– Transformational Coaching/Meditation for Inner Workspace Inc. Testimonials: Roscio Martinez, Lourdes Valdivia and Dafne Canales.

Christmas Party:

This is a social event for celebrating and sharing among level 3 members and Nurture Yourself team.

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