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The learning materials and workshops provided by CARE Society were initially established by Dr. Irene Estay and others in 1995 with the name "Openings". Dr. Estay continues her dedication to the program and the community through her dynamic teaching, consulting and innovative thinking.

In 2010, a group of 6 founders created a society named Creating Awareness Resources and Empowerment Society (CARE. Society) for providing many more opportunities to grow and expand to the program.

In 2011 CARE Society received charitable status.

From 2010 until 2016 CARE Society and the Nurture Yourself programs ran under the hospice of Carya (formerly Calgary Family Services) a 100+ year old non-profit organization.

In 2016 CARE Society decided to move into a different direction and offer the public the benefits of the programs that Dr Irene had created in an easy to digest format through online courses and created the brand Foundation Of Me.

Deborah Nichol - Healing Heart Wellness

Deborah is the director of Healing Heart™ Wellness and Shaman In Heels Business Coaching. Her unique holistic training, intuitive abilities, compassion, integrity and sometimes a dash of humour, help people get to the core of what is energetically causing obstacles in their lives and consequently guide them to begin the healing process. Deborah teaches "Intuition" as a means to understand oneself and create your ideal surroundings to achieve success in life, both personally and in business.

Deborah is the Chairwoman for CARE Society.

Dafne Canales Lees - Spartan Spark

Dafne’s expertise is growing businesses. Sure, she’s got an MBA from the University of Calgary’s Haskyne School of Business, but what sets her apart from others is her uncanny ability to take a company and transform it into a bigger and better company. She can weave this kind of magic through her entrepreneurial experience and her thorough understanding of software such as the one she helped create: Spartan Spark Marketing Automation.

Dafne is a Founder and Board of Director at CARE Society.

About Us:

CARE Society provides Foundation of Me workshops that teach valuable techniques around the area of changing your state of mind to develop your potential. The workshops help individuals learn about how their brain works, how their environment influences them so that they may understand how to make changes and become better leaders, feel more independent and self-directed with greater influence in their families and communities.

In particular CARE Society has had tremendous success in providing workshops tailored to Women, Men, Parents of Infants and mixed audiences in both Spanish and English. Training For Professionals is also available for professionals looking to expand their knowledge of mindset and self directed leadership work.


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